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Quick Facts

This page was created in response to all the questions that we frequently get asked.

Here you will find lots of curious and essential facts about this treatment but should 

your burning questions still remain unanswered, then please feel free to contact us 

and we will do our utmost best to answer you!

  • Microblading is a manual skill, with the shape of the eyebrows being calculated in accordance to the golden intersection calliper (phi 1.618) and the actual face symmetry and morphology. Symmetry is achieved and calculated whilst the clients eyes are closed in a way that the mimetic muscles are relaxed.


  • The colour pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis,  0.3 to 0.8mm under the surface of the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). The colour of the pigment is chosen to match the natural brow colour, taking into account the natural skin tone using the Fitzpatrick scale .


  • Hair strokes are always created in the direction of your natural hair growth in order to achieve a hyper-realistic look.


  • Each treatment is performed using single use, disposable and sterile blades. Pigments used are made in Germany and comply and conform to EU regulations. All pigments used comply with RESAP 2008, contain no heavy metals, leave no 'staining' on the skin and do not migrate beneath it.


  • All equipment within the treatment room used is disinfected and sterilised following each treatment.  For this reason we will not be able to allow anyone other than the client into the treatment room during the treatment.

  • Post treatment top-up can only be performed 4-6 weeks following the initial treatment. This ensures that that the brow has sufficient time to heal completely, on the surface of the skin as well as deep within. 

  • During the healing process, 10 to 15% of the created strokes can and may disappear. These will be corrected during your follow up appointment. 

  • Colour will be darker then expected within the first 14 days following the treatment.  By the sixth week, when the brow is completely healed, it will have lost 40 to 50% of its intensity and colour.

  • Colour duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the colour will last. Sweating and sun exposure will also strongly effect colour retention. A daily application of a high sun protection factor or total sunblock is therefore recommended once the brow is completely healed.


  • On average, expected time before a colour top-up is between 10 and 12 months (with oily skin it could be as early as 6 months). If the appointment for a colour boost is left too long and original strokes are no longer visible , a full treatment will be required and the cost of a new treatment will be charged.

  • The pain of the treatment is relative, with clients comparing it to a scratch or paper cut to plucking or threading. Pain will be more prominent before, during or just after the monthly cycle and generally, in anxious patients.

  • The success of the treatment depends on the clients skin, post treatment care and general lifestyle but it can also be affected by things such as an illness or a new medication. All of these factors are out of the Microblading technician's control, so we cannot guarantee for the final result or the duration of the pigment.

  • It is the client's responsibility to disclose any known facts about any medical condition(s) and / or any medication that they may be taking. Not only can these factors influence the result of the treatment but it may force the technician to stop the procedure prior to completion due to complications. 

We never get bored of discussing brows so should you still have questions at this point then give us a a shout, we will be happy to hear from you!

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