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About Forina Aesthetics...

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

It's most definitely not about being perfect, if perfection does of course even exist.

At Forina Aesthetics we believe that beauty is many things, but most of all, beauty is unique, it's personal to each and every one of us and it allows us to express and bring to light who we are as individuals.

Beauty is confidence; it make us feel good and more importantly it makes us smile.

Beauty cannot be defined and is not specific, its one or many aspects and its different for every person.

Real beauty is being You and there is nothing more rewarding then helping someone feel amazing in their own skin and that is exactly why we love what we do!

So whatever treatment you are considering, then we are at your disposal. We are only at the begining of our journey so like us on facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up-to date with all our exciting offers, competitions, new treatments and products!

With Love Always,

Ilaria Forina



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All About Me...


Being Italian makes me super passionate about pretty much everything and as such I fully believe that if you are going to do something you have to do it to the very best of your ability. 


Continuous personal development is for me the only way to provide my customers with the ultimate experience together with a service that I can be truly proud of.  I have been privileged to train with some of the industries best...


October 2007  

For as long as I can remember, I have always absolutely and utterly loved beauty so as a distraction from the corporate world, I enrolled in the Carlton Institute of Beauty where I received my Diploma in Make-Up on the 01st October 2007. Although this was not my career at this stage, I practiced different styles and methods everyday on myself, my friends and my family.

2007 ~ 2016 

I worked hard and very long hours in the corporate field and by the time my second boy came along it was time for a change.

August 2016  

came across Microblading at a Beauty show in London and instantly fell in love with the concept of it. I researched training Schools and joined the Beauty Concepts International School of Beauty in West Sussex. I passed my Microblading Part 1 on the 23rd August 2016


November 2016  

Following various case studies and further theoretical studies, I passed my Microblading Part 2 on the 11th November 2016 with a Distinction.  

March 2017

Wanting to perfect my skill further, I immediately enrolled with the world renowned Branko Babic Microblading Academy and I became an official PhiBrows Artist on the 15th of March 2017.


August 2017

I attended and successfully completed a Microblading Perfecting Course in London on the 25th August 2017 with the celebrity favourite Phibrows Master Laura Ciordas.  

December 2017

Having demonstrated above average skills, I was awarded, by unanimous decision of the the Phibrows Masters, the title of Royal Artist, making me 1 of only 30 elite artists with this coveted title in the whole of England!

February 2018

Attended a Phibrows Manual Shading Course in London on the 04th February 2018 with Master Laura Ciordas. Was awarded certification for this in April 2018

March 2018

Forina Aesthetics is shortlisted for ‘Best in Business – Best Aesthetics 2018’ TMP Business Awards and selected as Finalist and Runner Up!

October 2018

Successfully Completed the Theoretical and Practical Training for Micropigmentation Eyebrows with International Master Trainer and award winning SPMU Artist Ana Maria Balasoiu, Owner of Beauty Deluxe Training Academy.

January 2019

Selected as a Finalist for the category of "Microblading Artist of the Year 2019" in the Theresa Wild 2019 Permanent Make-Up Conference & Awards!

February 2019

Selected as a Finalist for two categories at the Micropigmentation UK Conference & Awards 2019 "Eyebrows Under 2 years" and "Microblading under 2 years"!

March 2019

Attended & Successfully Completed a 3 day Master Class with International Master Trainer Natalia Smirnova where I acquired the skills and knowledge to perform her signature Shaded Brows, Magic Eye Liner & Blush Lips.

Honoured to be nominated as a Finalist in the category of  'Microblading Artist of the Year 2019' at the Theresa Wild Permanent Make-Up Conference!

May 2019

Thrilled and delighted to be awarded 1st Place as 'Microblading Artist of 2019 (Under 2 years)' and 2nd Place in the 'Eyebrow of 2019 (under 2 years)' at the MPUK19 Conference and Awards!

July 2019

Enrolled in the PhiSombre Course with Master Dovile Zilinskaite and successfully completed the course in October 2019


October 2019

Attended & Successfully Completed an Advanced Lip Masterclass at the Clinical Academy

November 2019

Enrolled & successfully completed a two week full body tattooing Course at the UK Official Tattoo Academy in London

February 2020

Thrilled to be nominated as one of only ten finalists in the whole of the UK for the category of 'Microblading Artist over 2 years' at the PMU Conference 2020

April 2020 

Received Certification of Completion for the Moniva Ivani Advanced Combination and Ombre Brows Webinar Course

Enrolled and completed the Tina Davies Color Course

May 2020

Enrolled in and completed the Shaughnessy Otsuji's  Fluffy Brows Microblading Tutorial

March 2021

Successfully Completed Nataliya Yeremenko's Master's Hands Course 


April 2021

Enrolled and completed the Inside Needle Knowledge course by needle experts Jill Hoyer

May 2021

W-Brows by the world renowned Nataliya Yeremenko

Joined the PMU Circle PRO Members Club for permanent make up artists

June 2021

Fundamentals of Eyeliner by the Beauté Academy

August 2021

Won Silver and Bronze at The British Hair & Beauty Awards 2021!

September 2021

Airbrushed Aquarelle Lip by the Ramona Krusinskiene

Competed in the Global Pink Beauty International Cup 2021 and came 1st in Microblading & Shading! 

June 2022

From hundreds of entries throughout the whole of the UK, I was delighted to have been selected as a

Finalist in UK PMU Awards in the following the category: 



I was delighted and totally over the moon to place 1st in Hairstrokes and 2nd in Microblading!


Sept 2022

I travelled to London to train for three days with two of the most exceptional lip tattoo artists in the industry, Jasmine Diebelius for Dark Lip Neutralisation & Gabrielle Rock for Cleft lip Restoration.

And not forgetting...

 * Certified  in Infection Control

 * Member of the Association of Beauty Therapists

 * Fully Insured

 * Registered for a Personal & Business Licence by Wokingham Borough Council

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