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Post Procedure Care 

Although Microblading may seem like a relatively simple procedure, in order to achieve the very best results, it is imperative that proper care and attention is taken following the treatment. Essentially you will require a minimum of 8 days following the treatment before, visually at least, your brows will have superficially healed so it is wise to ensure that your treatment date is not booked immediately prior to any important engagement such as a holiday or a party...

Your skin will be temporarily sensitised after the treatment so we therefore ask you to AVOID the following for EIGHT days immediately after the treatment.  This will help avoid infection, allow time for the skin to properly recover and ensure the best healed results.


  • Using and/or applying make-up to the area during.

  • Any type of cleansers, soaps, toners or the like to the treated areas.

  • Touching the treated areas. 

  • Any type of facial treatments, including tinting, plucking, threading, etc.

  • Any abrasive, bleaching or depilatory products of any sort. 

  • Taking hot baths, saunas, steam or any other heat treatment or any physical activity that will cause excessive sweating. 

  • Sunbathing, using sun beds or swimming.


On the first day following your treatment, you will be required to carefully cleanse the treated areas with some specially formulated wipes and then coat with a very thin layer of healing balm, both of which will be provided to you. This process should be repeated throughout day 1 and then brows should continue to be meticulously protected with a very thin layer of the healing balm for the next 7 days.

The full post procedure instructions can be found on our forms page and a more in depth, detailed explanation will be given during the initial consultation and following the procedure but for any question on this please do not hesitate to contact us!

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