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My Make-Up Story

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Unashamedly, I has been obsessed with make-up  since I was very, very little...

Growing up in Italy I looked up to the graceful, strong, classic icons such as Sofia Loren, Gina Lolobrigida, and Monica Bellucci. Every night I used to practice putting make up on in the mirror before washing it all off again. Little by little I got better and as soon as I was old enough I began to wear it out, whilst constantly experimenting with different looks and products.


Before I knew it, I became the 'unofficial' makeup artist for all my friends and family, and was involved in everything from general special occasions to glamorous nights out, weddings, fashion shows and more! 

Its amazing the power that make up can have and the instant change in someone who feels good about themselves. So I eventually went to make-up school and received my Certificate in 2007.


And, despite all the rules that come with make-up application and techniques, the perfect make-up is not about changing the way you look, its about enhancing and bringing out your natural beauty so we ensure that we work with you to create something unique and perfect for you alone, based on your face symmetry, skin tone, hair and eye colour, age, nature of the event you will be attending and the outfit that you will be gracing.

So whatever your special occasion may be, let us take care of you so you can just focus on enjoying the moment :) 




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